2024 We Move To Brazil

It has been many years of delay and ‘treading water’, but now we have actual dates and tickets for our move to Brazil. Soon we will restart various projects that have all had to be delayed due to our move from South Africa to Ireland in 2019.

I the last five years we have been living in Athlone, Ireland. It has been necessary and very productive for us, but not for the Green School project of course. Romeu has put enormous effort into his work and his education as an architect and this year he also became an Irish citizen.

We will now be leaving our home in Ireland to go to Brazil on the 24th June with our three Golden Retrievers. It will be quite an adventure as we will travel by road and ferry through France to fly from Paris due to this being much easier for the dogs.

I have never mentioned this before on our website, but we are going to be adopting a daughter in Brazil. You can imagine how excited we are about this. It is challenging to give focus to anything else but the numerous projects that have been on pause are now about to go into high gear. We will move to the farm and immediately start re-engaging with our long list of Green School priorities.

This is just a short update after a long but inevitable ‘radio silence’, and I will now be adding more and far more frequently to the ‘Green School’ blog now that we have momentum again.

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