Personal Development

Green School Brazil is structured on four legs (A) Environmental (B) Personal Growth & Development (C) Travel (D) Arts & Culture

Personal Growth and Development.

In line with Green School Brazil’s objectives, students will need to include in their application a motivation that gives clarity to their desire to attend Green School.  It’s not just about booking an available space and paying for a holiday in Brazil, but about the right fit and expectation of both the student and of Green School Brazil.

The motivation for attending is critical, as we want students who already have a clear interest in environmental issues.  We will build on that interest, utilising the six week semester at Green School and the dynamic of the group experience to give that existing interest focus and purpose.

We see each student as a seed that will go back to their community and further their interests in an existing environmental project or to even start their own.  This is the foundation to Green School Brazil’s mission and continued interaction with your group, former and future students and with Green Think Foundation, will serve to help all students well after they have finished their semester.

The six weeks at Green School Brazil is thus about starting (or continuing) a journey to help give students focus as well as leadership skills for the projects they will continue to pursue or start.  It is intended that the network of students, staff and the trustees of the Green Think Foundation, will provide vital links and support for all students that attend so that in much the same way as we select seeds to plant and grow a forest we will help grow hundreds of projects that make a difference to our world.

By the end of the semester, each student will have developed their idea into a plan for implementation back in their community or wherever their intended project is located.

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