Co-founder of Green School Brazil, Romeu Santana is an architect who has studied and worked in Brazil, Ireland and South Africa.  Romeu has created various designs for the buildings required for the Green School project that will be constructed over six phases.  All construction will be governed by the Green School slogan, “let the environment lead”.

On this page, we will feature some of the conceptual design ideas that Romeu is working with.  We will also add conceptual images.

The main buildings will be the;

Phase One  Existing or under construction
a)  The Cottage
b)  The Pantry
c)  The Minas Kitchen

Phase Two  For completion end of 2026
a)  The Bamboo – administration
b)  The Greens (Cafe and Gallery) – an inspirational place to eat
c)  The Pods – a place to sleep (8 units – sleeps 16)

Phase Three  For completion end of 2027
a) The Green Heart – learning facility
b) The Green House – Araucaria tree propagation centre

Phase Four  For completion end of 2028
a)  The Bridge – a lace to chill
b)  The Chapel – a place of reflection
c)  The Pods Phase 2 (8 more units a further 16 beds bringing it to 32 beds)

Phase Five  For completion end of 2029
a) ARC Animal rehabilitation centre – animal care
b) Adventure Sports Hub – a place to just do it!

Phase Six  For completion 2030
a) Green Village – Eco estate
(Eight townhouses for private ownership and rental pool)

The pictures below best represent some of the above but serve only to convey concepts not any existing construction or building/s unless clearly identified as such.

Concept: The Bridge
Concept: The Pods

Romeu Santana Architect and Co-Founder of GSB

Romeu has also studied architecture for three years at the Izabela Hendrix Methodist University in Belo Horizonte, Brazil and studied urban design at Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais.
Romeu Santana is a graduate of the architectural faculty at UCT (University of Cape Town).
Romeu has also worked and studied in Dublin, Ireland where he has worked for two firm of leading Irish architects and online studies at Oxford Brookes in the UK.

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