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ALISON is an Irish based global social enterprise dedicated to providing free certified education and workplace training skills to any individual, anywhere, anytime, on any subject over the web.

ALISON was founded in Galway, Ireland in 2007 by global leader and innovator Mike Feerick. Read his full bio here.

With 8 million learners in 250 countries, ALISON is changing how the world learns. Recognised as the first MOOC (Massive Open Online Courseware), ALISON has increasing global reach and reputation. Some 1 million people all over the world have graduated from free certificate and diploma courses on ALISON with more 10,000 sharing their stories of empowerment and success, giving testimony to the positive change ALISON has brought to their lives.

Recognized by UNESCO through its Innovation in ICT in Education Award in 2010, and the World Summit for Education Award in 2013 (WISE) for “outstanding quality and exceptional impact on education through innovation.” As early as 2009, a UK government report stated that “ALISON opens up the world of knowledge offering new, flexible, and exciting ways to learn”.

ALISON has pioneered a “Free Learning Ecology” which is explained by Founder & CEO Mike Feerick in a presentation in Doha, Qatar in 2013. The ALISON free certification solution is based on a simple fact that in a world where everyone is connected to the web, anyone can be tested on any subject, at any time, anywhere.

ALISON was inspired by Article 26 of the UN Declaration on Human Rights; that “Everyone has the right to education” and the vision that someday “Education shall be free…” ALISON engages new technologies and innovative business models to make this vision reality. Leading a group of highly talented and socially aware technologists and professionals from countries around the world, ALISON leads the way to enable people to educate and upskill themselves for free, helping to build a fairer, more sustainable global community.

The success and promise of ALISON has inspired many learners and influencers to spread the message and hope of ALISON worldwide. We need you, our learners and supporters, to help us provide a better service every day, and to encourage the adoption of ALISON in your local community. As Nelson Mandela once said, “education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world“.

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