GreenThink Foundation & Green School

The Green Think Foundation is a support organisation for the broader aims and objectives of the non profit activities of Green School Brazil projects.

Green Think Foundation aims to:

1) raise funds to support the attendance of Green School Brazil by Brazilian students with limited financial means via full and part bursaries
2) to maintain a post-semester relationship with those that have attended Green School Brazil, and to provide support to students projects in their communities  (We see each student as a seed for a new school/project and this is the greater objective.)
3) be a vehicle for relationships with other organisations with a similar vision or complementary goals
4) support environmental and animal welfare preservation in the Mantiqueira Region
5) take ownership of the farms in Passa Quatro that currently form the Sao Francisco de Assis Animal Sanctuary to ensure the future sustainability of the Green School (These farms are currently owned by André de Villiers and Romeu Santana)
6) a Board of Trustees will manage Green Think Foundation and be responsible for its funds and projects.

Donation to Green Think
(Via Paypal).
Please do not make any donations at this time as the Foundation still needs to be registered in Brazil

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