2024 We Move To Brazil

It has been many years of delay and ‘treading water’, but now we have actual dates and tickets for our move to Brazil. Soon we will restart various projects that have all had to be delayed due to our move from South Africa to Ireland in 2019.

I the last five years we have been living in Athlone, Ireland. It has been necessary and very productive for us, but not for the Green School project of course. Romeu has put enormous effort into his work and his education as an architect and this year he also became an Irish citizen.

We will now be leaving our home in Ireland to go to Brazil on the 24th June with our three Golden Retrievers. It will be quite an adventure as we will travel by road and ferry through France to fly from Paris due to this being much easier for the dogs.

I have never mentioned this before on our website, but we are going to be adopting a daughter in Brazil. You can imagine how excited we are about this. It is challenging to give focus to anything else but the numerous projects that have been on pause are now about to go into high gear. We will move to the farm and immediately start re-engaging with our long list of Green School priorities.

This is just a short update after a long but inevitable ‘radio silence’, and I will now be adding more and far more frequently to the ‘Green School’ blog now that we have momentum again.

Earth Day 2022

To support this wonderful cause for Earth Day 2022

Green School Bali

Passa Quatro – August 2021

Green School Brazil

Finally, after more than three years due to our move to Ireland from South Africa, and then the Covid crisis and lockdowns, we are now at the earliest opportunity (and both fully vaccinated) able to travel to Brazil and the farm in August 2021 and a very short trip it will be to attend to some very urgent matters.

We will literally be on the farm for less than one week before returning to Ireland!

Andre will return for at least two months at the end of 2021 – probably November and probably with the three dogs!

Update April 2021

A lot has happened since we decided to leave South Africa for Ireland instead of Brazil. In many ways our concerns have been more than realised and at this time of writing the Covid crisis has not only seen over 300 000 deaths in Brazil but the situation remains relatively out of control with an international medical quarantine of Brazil being discussed. The political situation is making headline news with the real danger of military intervention.
or even a return to the communist Presidency of Lula, a discredited corrupt criminal.

We have now been on the farm in Ireland since the end of 2018 and while we are maintaining the farm in Passa Quatro with no intention of selling it, the educational and other operational aspects of Green School are shelved and medium term plans are to just let nature continue its course on the farm, while maintaining the infrastructure. Our farm manager Diego is doing a great job of managing that.

Our passion to make an environmental and educational impact is now being pursued in Ireland as well where we have decided to put down roots. There will be an adaptation to what we had planned to do in Passa Quatro but sadly as we can all see only too easily, there no part of this planet where the environment does not need help and healing.

In Europe one of the greatest off the radar environmental issues is the decimation of the insect population and this is where we are going to focus with the creation of an Insect Reserve! We will post more about this later this year.

Financing Green School Projects – Asset Tokenisation

The best way to keep in touch is our Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/greenschoolbrazil/

Brazil is an ideal country to meet the required regulatory requirements to implement Asset Tokenisation. This is the future of secure low risk investing.

I am currently do a course in “Tokenization of Real-World Assets on the Blockchain” this can be any asset but the main reason for the course is to raise capital for the various projects on the Passa Quatro farm “Fazenda Sao Françisco” otherwise ‘known as’ Green School Brazil.

In basic terms the business activities earn income and the income is then earned by the people owning the limited tokens in the same way a shareholder earns income from dividends paid. This allows investment in all or some of the activities and the tokens are totally exchangeable and saleable not only with other investors who may wish to buy and sale but any buyer. As the value of the business activity increases, so does the value of the token. It is all secured and operated on the blockchain as a NFT which is a non fungible token – totally unique and impossible to copy but exceptionally easy to exchange between a buyer and a seller.

For Example:

One of the for profit ventures on Green School Brazil will be a fish farm.
Let’s assume some basic figures as examples to show tokenisation would work in this instance;

1) The operating capital would be raised by 10 000 tokens issued at R$10-00 a token.
2) If 10 investors bought 1000 tokens each all the 10 000 of a total issued tokens would be sold.
3) If there was a profit of R$100 000 for a specific year this would be divided by the 10 000 tokens so each investor would get R$10 000 – and of course still have their tokens to enjoy the entitlement to the profit every year as it goes up as one would expect.
4) If the token produced R$10-00 a year consistently, the value of the token would continue to rise and of course if the business increased to R$500 000 over some years the value of the token would rise considerably – a token’s value would realistically be worth about three years of profits.

The longer the trading history and the more profitable the business the more the token value would increase and tokens are fully tradable between existing investors or anyone they wish to sell their tokens on the blockchain. There is almost zero cost to do a NFT token transaction and total security of both payment and ownership and ownership transfer!

Please note that we are still in the early days of making tokens available for any project which would only be offered once a complete business plan for each profitable project at Green School Brazil had been determined. This will be the primary structure we will use for all for profit projects. This article is purely to give you more ideas of how we will create the necessary income to sustain Green School and ensure long term viability.

It is not intended to set up a tokenisation project for the educational side of Green School as this activity is intended to be a non profit venture.

July 2018 – Further to our April Update

Hi Friends

I wanted to post an update as a few months have passed since my April post where we explained there would be delays to the opening of Green School Brazil.
There is currently no substantial change to the circumstances.   We are watching the socio-political and economic situation closely of both Brazil and South Africa and remain very concerned about both of them. These developments have a profound impact on the additional investment required for the project and in particular the scope and timing of the project.

Thank you for the many communications we have received that show support for the exciting project that remains our passion and objective.

Andre & Romeu

Green School Brazil – New website navigation

Hi there

We have changed the website navigation to make it easier and more ‘grouped’ for a more logical structure.
About GSB and School Activities now have various pages nested beneath them.

An update of our times for the last half of the year; 
I will be at the farm in August and again in October, and Romeu and I will be at the farm from mid-December to mid-January 2019.



April 2018 Update

Please note that there has effectively been a two-year delay to the implementation of the second phase of Green School Brazil with an inevitably have a ‘knock-on effect’ on the other phases including the opening dates.

More details will be posted on the GreenSchoolBrazil.com website, but it is no secret that Brazil is currently going through a difficult political and economic time that is inevitably impacting on our plans and in particular additional investment and capital transfers.

What this in effect will mean is that we will reprioritise what we will do when.  For example the construction sequence (what we are building) will change in line with a greater emphasis now on agricultural projects and the animal sanctuary.

We recommend that you subscribe to our newsletter to keep informed.

Fire on the Farm

Fire on our farm which was fortunately discovered and put out by Diego Oliveira and his team. There were people swimming in the rock pools on the farm so probably from a cigarette.

The affected area is mostly in a grass area and no thicker wooded area was destroyed. It has been a very dry period and when I was there in September I was very much aware of a fire danger and had scrub bush around the house cleared because of this concern.

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