July 2018 – Further to our April Update

Hi Friends

I wanted to post an update as a few months have passed since my April post where we explained there would be delays to the opening of Green School Brazil.
There is currently no substantial change to the circumstances.   We are watching the socio-political and economic situation closely of both Brazil and South Africa and remain very concerned about both of them. These developments have a profound impact on the additional investment required for the project and in particular the scope and timing of the project.

Thank you for the many communications we have received that show support for the exciting project that remains our passion and objective.

Andre & Romeu

Green School Brazil – New website navigation

Hi there

We have changed the website navigation to make it easier and more ‘grouped’ for a more logical structure.
About GSB and School Activities now have various pages nested beneath them.

An update of our times for the last half of the year; 
I will be at the farm in August and again in October, and Romeu and I will be at the farm from mid-December to mid-January 2019.



April 2018 Update

Please note that there has effectively been a two-year delay to the implementation of the second phase of Green School Brazil with an inevitably have a ‘knock-on effect’ on the other phases including the opening dates.

More details will be posted on the GreenSchoolBrazil.com website, but it is no secret that Brazil is currently going through a difficult political and economic time that is inevitably impacting on our plans and in particular additional investment and capital transfers.

What this in effect will mean is that we will reprioritise what we will do when.  For example the construction sequence (what we are building) will change in line with a greater emphasis now on agricultural projects and the animal sanctuary.

We recommend that you subscribe to our newsletter to keep informed.

Fire on the Farm

Fire on our farm which was fortunately discovered and put out by Diego Oliveira and his team. There were people swimming in the rock pools on the farm so probably from a cigarette.

The affected area is mostly in a grass area and no thicker wooded area was destroyed. It has been a very dry period and when I was there in September I was very much aware of a fire danger and had scrub bush around the house cleared because of this concern.

August 2017 Green School Brazil Update

The disappointing economic situation in Brazil has encouraged a sensible review of the various phases envisaged in the roll out of the Green School project.  In a nutshell the Green Grow phase that is focused on a financially viable hydroponics (tunnel farming) will be prioritised over the opening date of the school.

We are currently negotiating with a farm manager to implement a joint venture for Green Grow, and this Phase may start as early as next year (2018).  An advantage to this change of plans is that   this will give an earlier start to the start of the Araucaria nursery and can proceed with other infrastructural projects to support the other phases.

While this does mean that the opening of Green School will be delayed it also means that that when the School opens a better agricultural infrastructure will be in place.


We clearly need a revolution in our priorities on this planet we share.

The thinking that has got all of us to 2017 contains so much good, but we know it also contains so much bad, and to take us into the future we really have not had the time to evolve our thinking at the same pace with our technology so this has created a disconnect that is a massive crisis. I call it #UnHarmony and yes it is a disturbing resonance that we can all feel as we look at the shape of our planet.

GreenSchoolBrazil.com will have at it’s heart the recognition that true sustainability (harmony) requires above all, sustainable thinking and an alignment to the new developing global consciousness that supports this thinking.

This above all is what motivates me in our Green School project.  To be a small part in creating a more harmonious world is a big thing!

Some Green Inspiration

Hi there!

I would like to share an inspiration short movie with you called FOREST MAN.

Since the 1970’s Majuli islander Jadav Payeng has been planting trees in order to save his island. To date he has single handedly planted a forest larger than Central Park NYC. His forest has transformed what was once a barren wasteland, into a lush oasis. Humble yet passionate and philosophical about his work. Payeng takes us on a journey into his incredible forest.


Green School Logos Approved

Green School Brazil logo

Animal Sanctuary Logo

Green Think Foundation logo

Agricultural Activities

Construction Company for all Green Think Foundation Projects

Green Vegetarian Restaurant logo

Greed Adventures Travel

Designed in Passa Quatro by Thiago Castello Branco these are the various logos that identify the various facets of the Green School Brazil project.

Personal Development

This page is under construction…

Green School Brazil is structured on four legs and one of these is Personal Development.

Again we are focussing on what you are not taught at school.  Meditation and self-awareness is thus encouraged and optional opportunities will be available as part of our Personal Development goals to know yourself better.

Update to Green School Brazil Key Page

Please note that we have substantially edited and updated our page called School Activities giving a clearer idea of the expected experience for a Green School Brazil student during a six-week semester and also detailing some of the broader objectives and contextual thinking behind the Green School Brazil project.

To view the School Activities page click here School Activities

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