18/3/2017 Update on Green School Brazil

I will not know when you last looked at our website but I have recently added some additional information and I tweaked the design  🙂

So far everything is on track with our plans for a 2020 opening.  At the moment Romeu is designing the ‘accommodation pods’ and facilities and it is very exciting but most of my efforts are involved in raising the capital so we can do as much as possible before we open but our plans are bigger than our budget and my worst is Romeu saying “well we will have to do that part later” or “you can’t have your cake and eat it!”  I mean what’s the point of having your cake if you can’t eat it!

On the farm, we remain busy with fencing and general maintenance and trying to keep the neighbour’s cows off of the farm. While we are away, the green grass seems to tempt the farmers who clearly think an animal sanctuary is just a silly waste of land!  This is not a huge issue, however, as it is normally only a horse or a few cows at most.

My next visit will be for the month of September and then again in December.

Next update (April) will cover our in town operation!

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3 Comments to 18/3/2017 Update on Green School Brazil

  1. Sounds like a wonderful development and a lot of work , rewarding along the way.
    Following closely.

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