Visit to Green School Bali

Thursday 18 May 2017

Visit to Green School in Bali – Indonesia

Today I visited the “mother ship” of Green Schools, Green School in Bali, Indonesia.  Green School is a leader in environmental and sustainable education.  I will add a list of really exciting videos and social media links.  In the meanwhile their informative website is

What an inspiration.  Since it was founded in 2008 it has achieved so much.  I was struck by this magnificent crystal in the middle of the School property and you can imagine my delight when I was told that it was a gift from a supporter in Brazil! So cool!

My trip to Green School Bali is a day I will never forget and it has given me so many ideas I will have my mind spinning for weeks!

2 Comments to Visit to Green School Bali

  1. How synchronicitous that you would find a giant Smoky Quartz from Brazil in the garden. What a lovely right way sign for you Andre.
    It is fascinating architecture but I do wonder about insects when everything is so open. I know, not the kind of question you’d expect 👀 from me. But I see all the openness and just think of insects. We’re there many? And yes I have a distinct insect phobia 😳.
    Just wondering.
    Have never been to Bali but you’ve made it look so wonderful.
    I’m imagining how Green School Brazil will look and can see a delight with Romeu and you at the helm.

    • There was certainly no obvious issue with bugs while we were walking around but I never stayed the night and I never got to see the accommodation areas so if at night there is netting used I don’the know but great question I will contact my contact there about that. Certainly I need some way of shutting them out at night on my farm. I should point out we do not intend to just COPY but to draw inspiration. “The local environment must lead the way” and while we have plenty of bamboo in our region we still need to look at the match between local environment and construction methods as they did at GS in Bali.
      Insect control is a very important issue and fortunately up in the mountains where our farm is we have a dramatic reduction in them.

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