August 2017 Green School Brazil Update

The disappointing economic situation in Brazil has encouraged a sensible review of the various phases envisaged in the roll out of the Green School project.  In a nutshell the Green Grow phase that is focused on a financially viable hydroponics (tunnel farming) will be prioritised over the opening date of the school.

We are currently negotiating with a farm manager to implement a joint venture for Green Grow, and this Phase may start as early as next year (2018).  An advantage to this change of plans is that   this will give an earlier start to the start of the Araucaria nursery and can proceed with other infrastructural projects to support the other phases.

While this does mean that the opening of Green School will be delayed it also means that that when the School opens a better agricultural infrastructure will be in place.

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2 Comments to August 2017 Green School Brazil Update

  1. Sounds good. What an incredible journey and project. Wishing you all of the very best. A core of my belief in nature, is such a gratifying and
    fulfilling achievement.

  2. Yup a big project like this with many parts is like putting together a puzzle and while the full picture will only be seen with the last piece there is a challenge deciding what part of that picture to work on first.
    While the School itself will always be the FOCUS of that picture, the foundation of the entire project will be a sustainable and responsible agricultural activity in harmony with the animal sanctuary.

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