Financing Green School Projects – Asset Tokenisation

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Brazil is an ideal country to meet the required regulatory requirements to implement Asset Tokenisation. This is the future of secure low risk investing.

I am currently do a course in “Tokenization of Real-World Assets on the Blockchain” this can be any asset but the main reason for the course is to raise capital for the various projects on the Passa Quatro farm “Fazenda Sao Françisco” otherwise ‘known as’ Green School Brazil.

In basic terms the business activities earn income and the income is then earned by the people owning the limited tokens in the same way a shareholder earns income from dividends paid. This allows investment in all or some of the activities and the tokens are totally exchangeable and saleable not only with other investors who may wish to buy and sale but any buyer. As the value of the business activity increases, so does the value of the token. It is all secured and operated on the blockchain as a NFT which is a non fungible token – totally unique and impossible to copy but exceptionally easy to exchange between a buyer and a seller.

For Example:

One of the for profit ventures on Green School Brazil will be a fish farm.
Let’s assume some basic figures as examples to show tokenisation would work in this instance;

1) The operating capital would be raised by 10 000 tokens issued at R$10-00 a token.
2) If 10 investors bought 1000 tokens each all the 10 000 of a total issued tokens would be sold.
3) If there was a profit of R$100 000 for a specific year this would be divided by the 10 000 tokens so each investor would get R$10 000 – and of course still have their tokens to enjoy the entitlement to the profit every year as it goes up as one would expect.
4) If the token produced R$10-00 a year consistently, the value of the token would continue to rise and of course if the business increased to R$500 000 over some years the value of the token would rise considerably – a token’s value would realistically be worth about three years of profits.

The longer the trading history and the more profitable the business the more the token value would increase and tokens are fully tradable between existing investors or anyone they wish to sell their tokens on the blockchain. There is almost zero cost to do a NFT token transaction and total security of both payment and ownership and ownership transfer!

Please note that we are still in the early days of making tokens available for any project which would only be offered once a complete business plan for each profitable project at Green School Brazil had been determined. This will be the primary structure we will use for all for profit projects. This article is purely to give you more ideas of how we will create the necessary income to sustain Green School and ensure long term viability.

It is not intended to set up a tokenisation project for the educational side of Green School as this activity is intended to be a non profit venture.

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