Update April 2021

A lot has happened since we decided to leave South Africa for Ireland instead of Brazil. In many ways our concerns have been more than realised and at this time of writing the Covid crisis has not only seen over 300 000 deaths in Brazil but the situation remains relatively out of control with an international medical quarantine of Brazil being discussed. The political situation is making headline news with the real danger of military intervention.
or even a return to the communist Presidency of Lula, a discredited corrupt criminal.

We have now been on the farm in Ireland since the end of 2018 and while we are maintaining the farm in Passa Quatro with no intention of selling it, the educational and other operational aspects of Green School are shelved and medium term plans are to just let nature continue its course on the farm, while maintaining the infrastructure. Our farm manager Diego is doing a great job of managing that.

Our passion to make an environmental and educational impact is now being pursued in Ireland as well where we have decided to put down roots. There will be an adaptation to what we had planned to do in Passa Quatro but sadly as we can all see only too easily, there no part of this planet where the environment does not need help and healing.

In Europe one of the greatest off the radar environmental issues is the decimation of the insect population and this is where we are going to focus with the creation of an Insect Reserve! We will post more about this later this year.

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